Lard Aperitif - L'Aperitivo del "Lardo"

Last update 16 March 2022

December 26th 2019

Every year on December 26th, the Pro Loco Association offers everybody an aperitif to remember the rebellious act of the town against the Savoia Crown.

Origin of the celebration

The act occured during the Napoleonic occupation of Italy, when the Piedmont troops were defeated by the French and compelled to sign the Cherasco armistice. In the same period the revolution fever from France conquered the whole region. Nizza Monferrato also stood up against its noble family. On December 26th 1798 loads of people from the surrounding villages joined together in Piazza Martiri di Alessandria in Nizza Monferrato to show their support to the Piedmontese King, while a group of young insurgents hid, waiting for the right moment to act.
When the congress members of the town asked the monarchists what they were there for, they replied: “We’re waiting for bread and good wine! Long live to the King!”, in that right moment the rebels assaulted them at the shout “We will also give you the lard!”  and this latter expression is still used today as a synonym of punishment.

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